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Is Teaching to the Test Bad Instruction?

Well, it depends. It's important to consider which skills standardized tests are measuring and how teaching to the test affects student learning overall. This article provides insights from two educational measurement experts and showcases both positive and negative results of teaching to the test.

Providing Equal Opportunity Through Accessibility

The ETS Accessibility Standards and Inclusive Technology group is committed to understanding and supporting the assistive technologies and tools that learners with disabilities use in their day to day education. Learn more about how ETS drives accessibility and inclusion.

Skills that Matter for College Graduates

Too many college graduates are unable to reap labor market advantages associated with a college education because they lack critical skills and have limited access to college-level jobs that pay better. A new report commissioned by ETS, Skills and the Earnings of College Graduates, dives into this issue.

Top Stories

The Disconnected Generation

A new ETS report, Doesn't Get Better with Age: Predicting Millennials' Disconnection, finds that high school experiences and characteristics may matter more than race and socioeconomic background when it comes to the likelihood of being left out of the economy and education.

Yale/ETS Design Behavioral Assessment for Grad Admissions

How well a student will perform in class and on campus cannot be determined by measured knowledge alone. Factoring in an individual’s soft skills may provide a better indicator of overall student success. Learn more about the Yale/ETS collaboration and potential impact on graduate admissions.

New Book Explores the Value of Meaningful Score Reports

Score reports: Who uses them and how do they use them? These questions and more are explored in Score Reporting Research and Applications, a new book in an NCME series. The book was edited by an ETS researcher and several chapters were written by ETS staff.

Research that matters

Through our research, ETS works to improve teaching and learning, ensure opportunity for individual learners, and inform education policy and assessment.

Big Educational Challenges

Improving teaching and learning

ETS is working on innovations today that can enhance teaching and learning in classrooms tomorrow.

Expanding opportunity for individual learners

ETS strives to ensure its assessments and tools are valid, fair and accessible to every learner.

Informing education policy and assessment

Our research and policy studies strive to address many of today's pressing issues in educational assessment.

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