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ProEthica® Program Resources

ProEthica Program Case Studies

The ProEthica® program is an integral part of educator preparation programs, induction programs and professional training programs in the school district. These case studies provide insight on the experiences of these different groups.


Building on the Model Code of Ethics for Educators

Hear how the Model Code of Ethics for Educators is paving the way for resources that will support educators in developing their ethical decision-making skills.

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Real Teachers Discuss the Importance of Ethics for Professional Educators

Hear why teachers believe that a code of ethics is essential to the profession.

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Protecting the Profession: Discussing the Complexities of Educator Ethics

Watch a panel of education professionals discuss the complexities of educator ethics and the need for a framework to better equip teachers with the tools they need to clarify their roles with students and avoid risk.

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Additional Resources

ETS on Educator Ethics
Janet Cook, Director of ETS Products and Services, discusses the importance of ethics training for educators, and ETS's role as a leader in the educator ethics space.

Protecting the Profession — Professional Ethics in the Classroom
Troy Hutchings explains the importance of professional ethics as a standard of practice in education. Read these articles recently published by

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