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Registering for the ProEthica® Program

ProEthica user registration progression

How to Enroll

The ProEthica® program is an enrollment-based program that is offered through your state, educator preparation program (EPP), jurisdiction, school district or school. Before you can register for the ProEthica program, you must be enrolled by a representative (whom we refer to as the "enrollment manager") of the entity requiring you to complete the program. Once you have been enrolled, you will receive an email from [email protected] with instructions on how to register for and access the ProEthica program.

How to Register

Using the link provided in your enrollment email, go to the ProEthica program login page and follow the steps to create your account:

  1. Click "Register" under Registration on the Login page
  2. Enter your personal information, as prompted
  3. Answer background information questions
  4. Create a username and password
  5. Log in using the username and password you just created
  6. Submit your payment or a voucher number, if prompted

Download ProEthica User Registration and Progression for step-by-step instructions on how to register.

The personal information you enter must be an exact match with the information that your enrollment manager used during enrollment. Check with your enrollment manager first if you have any issues registering to ensure there isn’t a discrepancy between the information you entered and what was provided by your enrollment manager during enrollment. If there is, enrollment information can be updated by enrollment managers.


Please check with your enrollment manager for information about program fees.

Next Steps

Once you have created your ProEthica user account and your payment (if required) has been received by ETS, you can begin accessing the ProEthica modules immediately.

The modules in the ProEthica program must be completed in order. When you first access the modules, only Module 1 will be unlocked and accessible. As you complete each module, the next module will unlock. Most of the modules consist of two parts: a lesson and a test. The lesson may contain multiple activities, which you must complete in order. The test will become available only after you complete the lesson. Once you complete a test, you will no longer be able to access the test; however, lessons will remain available for you to review until you complete the entire program.

Learn more about completing the program.

Promotional Links

Interested in Participating in Educator Ethics Training?

The ProEthica Program is now offered on EduPlanet21. Earn CPE Credit in New York and Pennsylvania!

Building on the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (Video)

ProEthica Model Code of Ethics

Watch this video to hear how the MCEE is paving the way for resources that will support educators in developing their ethical decision-making skills. (3 min., 25 sec.)
View transcript.

Protecting the Profession – Professional Ethics in the Classroom

Troy Hutchings explains the importance of professional ethics as a standard of practice in education. Read these articles recently published by

ProEthica Learning Management System (LMS)

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