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Accessing the ProEthica® Program

The ProEthica® program is delivered online by learning management technology that was custom-built for ETS. It is accessible anywhere you have internet access. The modules and online platform:

  • are fully functional on Mac®- and Windows®-based desktop and laptop computers, on the most popular tablets and on all major browsers
  • are accessible to users who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or hard-of-hearing

You'll complete the program at your own pace, as directed by your enrollment manager.

The ProEthica Learning Management System

After you receive an email from ETS notifying you of your enrollment in the ProEthica program, you will receive instructions to set up your user account in the ProEthica Learning Management System (LMS). This is where you will register, submit your payment (if applicable) and access the ProEthica program modules.

ProEthica LMS login

System Requirements

You may access the ProEthica program on a PC, Mac or full-sized tablet. In order to successfully complete the ProEthica program, your computer or tablet must meet the following minimum hardware requirements and have internet access:

FeatureMinimum Specification
Central Processing Unit (CPU) Processor — Pentium® IV 1.8 GHz or higher, Macbook® or iMac® 2.5GHz or higher
Operating System Windows® 7 or higher, Mac OSX® v10.11 (El Capitan) or higher
Monitor Minimum 1024x768 display
Hard Drive Space 40 MB
Internet Connection Minimum 10 MBPS
Audio Recommended
Portable Document Format (PDF) Adobe® Acrobat® Reader or other Adobe PDF-compatible document viewer required
Internet Browser* Internet Explorer®: 11 or higher
Safari®: 7 or higher for OS 10.9 or higher
Google Chrome: 64 or higher
Mozilla Firefox®: 57 or higher
Safari Mobile®: 5 or higher for iOS 5 or higher

* You should use Internet Explorer, Firefox or Chrome to register and pay for the ProEthica program. The payment screens may not display properly in Safari. You may proceed through the modules in ProEthica in any of the browsers listed above.

How to Verify You Meet System Requirements


  • Go to Start Control Panel and look for an item named "System," "System and Maintenance" or something similar. (The name varies depending on which version of Windows your device is running.)
  • You will be able to find the CPU speed, the amount of RAM, the Windows version and a few other specification details.


  • Click on the Apple® icon in the top left corner of your desktop and select "About this Mac."
  • Select "More Info" in the dialog box that pops up — this will bring up a new window with very detailed information on your system specs.

Promotional Links

Interested in Participating in Educator Ethics Training?

The ProEthica Program is now offered on EduPlanet21. Earn CPE Credit in New York and Pennsylvania!

Building on the Model Code of Ethics for Educators (Video)

ProEthica Model Code of Ethics

Watch this video to hear how the MCEE is paving the way for resources that will support educators in developing their ethical decision-making skills. (3 min., 25 sec.)
View transcript.

Protecting the Profession – Professional Ethics in the Classroom

Troy Hutchings explains the importance of professional ethics as a standard of practice in education. Read these articles recently published by

ProEthica Learning Management System (LMS)

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